Pet Transshipment ( Dog & Pet Boarding Singapore)

If you’re taking your furry friend on an overseas trip but are unsure about custom clearance and dog boarding , we are more than happy to assist you. We are a trusted solution provider for pet transshipment and pet boarding in Singapore, and we will make all necessary arrangements for your pet’s safe journey.

Depending on your country of origin, our team will design a customized solution for your needs

Our Transshipment Service in Singapore Include:

  • Consultation & Coordination services
  • Flight Booking as Cargo
  • Veterinary visits
  • Blood Tests
  • Health Certificates
  • Government Endorsements
  • Animal Reservation & Management
  • Permits & Custom Clearance
  • Crates & Accessories
  • Pet Transport
  • Pet Boarding

Pre-requisites for Transhipment:

  • ISO microchip
  • Rabies vaccination
  • General Vaccination
  • Blood Test (if required)

Please provide us with accurate measurements of your pet in order for us to determine an appropriate crate size

Tell us more about your pets for a quote!

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